Olympic Games

Spirit of the Youth Olympic Games

To coincide with the London Olympics, Schleich are releasing a range of 10 new Smurfs in 2012, following the Olympic theme.
Great new Smurfs for 2012, with 3 new Smurfette figures, as opposed to the usual 1 new Smurfette.

There are some models which are similar to models of years past, in the swimmer, sprinter and equestrian, but they are new molds.
A great set of new Smurfs for 2012! All the Smurf are beautifully crafted and all hand painted.

The Olympic Smurf figures for 2012 are: Olympic Swimmer Smurf, Olympic Weightlifter Smurf, Olympic Volleyball Smurfette, Olympic Baton Smurfette, Olympic Gymnastic Smurfette, Olympic Sprinter Smurf, Olympic Shotput Smurf, Olympic Equestrian Smurf, Olympic Javelin Smurf and Olympic Gold Medal Smurf.