Rugby RCT 1908 - scarf

Rugby Club Toulonnais, also known as RCT, is a French professional rugby union club based in Toulon in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.

In red and black
The origins of the colors of the Rugby Club Toulonnais remain uncertain, the most likely origin being that of the loan to the colors of the Stade Toulousain. When the game of rugby arrived on the shores of the Mediterranean, the clubs hatched on the coast. In Toulon, the team is formed with soldiers from all over France, including Toulouse. In 1908, the club's real birth certificate, the Stade Toulousain sponsored the creation of the Toulon club. From this relationship follows the color of the Var jersey but the versions diverge. Some attribute it to a generous gesture from the people of Toulouse who allegedly offered a set of jerseys, others see it as the Toulouse residents' willingness to pay tribute to their godfather. The fact remains that, from now on, these two big teams playing in red and black are rivals and their confrontations are essential moments of each sporting season.

Sprig of lily of the valley
As for her, the history of the Club's emblem, Le Brin de Muguet, is certain: it is in honor of Felix Mayol, sponsor of the club from the start. The famous singer always wore one on the back of his jacket. He considered it a lucky charm since his Parisian friend had given him a bouquet of lily of the valley on the evening of his first successful Parisian. It was then in 1921 that the thrush of "Godfather" Félix became the emblem of the RCT.