AC Zele - witness relay wood

Athletics club Zele was an athletics club in the Flemish municipality of Zele. It was founded in June 1973 after an appeal by Eugeen De Kimpe to the city council not to invest solely in football. A new soccer field has been built in the new municipal sports and walking park with space for a track around it. Then-mayor Avil Geerinck promised that if there was an athletics club in Zele, he would ensure that an athletics track was also built. And it happened. Eugeen De Kimpe, long-distance runner herself and affiliated with AC Lebbeke, sat down with a number of athletic enthusiasts and AC Zele was born and joined the Royal Belgian Athletics Association on October 22 of the same year.
The club has received chest number 406. The club was taken over by AV Lokeren in 2015. The club colors were green, yellow and red, as in the Zele flag.) - witness relay wood